My uncle passed away

[This post was originally posted on 01/17/2017, but due to blog migration, it lost its original post date, I’m re-posting it here]

It’s shocking to hear that my uncle (my father’s sister’s husband) passed away today.
I heard the news from my dad. Then I contacted my cousin to condole her. Hours later, she replied:”I have no dad now.”
Reading that single line of message alone broke my heart.

I could hardly image how that hurts.
She’s in tears and cries now.

I just became a father last month, I can hardly imagine how my daughter would feel when I leave her alone.

I regret that I didn’t catch any chances to spread the Good News to my uncle and now I’m praying late that he could still land in Heaven and our godly father will take care of him.
He died at his early 50s, at such a young age, he has a very good wife and a very cute daughter. They’re part of our family.
I didn’t get a chance to see him for the last time.

Death, is so near to us.

This invokes me to reflect a lot. What’s most important to me?
Not work, nor code, nor fixing bugs, not blogging, it’s endless, and in retrospect, it’s meaningless.
I’d like to spend time with my family, just company them. Do whatever with them, time is so precious, I want to be with them.


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