2017 Men’s Conference @ROLCC

mensconference– Pressure

  • Sources of pressure: family, job, connections, etc.
  • How to win over pressure:
  • Belief in God (确认主的同在)
  • Removal of pessimism (除去消极思想)
  • Be committed in routine (在小事上忠心)
  • Pray for God’s lead (祷告寻求神的带领)
  • What if we fail:
  • Accept truth (接受事实)
  • Be humble to learn (存谦卑的心学习)
  • Faith in God’s ability (确信神永不误事)
  • Questions to discuss in your group:
  • What’s the most pressing pressure you’re facing right now? (在你现在的环境中,你所面对最大的压力是什么?)
  • What’s your normal way of handling pressure? Is it effective? (你通常面对压力的方法是什么?有效么?)
  • What’s the most helpful message you heard today? (你觉得今天的信息对你最有帮助的一点是什么?)

  • Success

  • How do you define success? (什么是成功?)

  • Principles of being successful:
  • (认识自己的长处与短处)
  • (要有清楚的目标)
  • 学习做一个解决问题的人
  • 不要怕失败
  • 要有热情
  • 要为每天的生活做选择
  • 从成功到有意义
  • 从物质到价值
  • 从追求到给予
  • 从堆积到培育
  • 讨论问题
  • 请分享一下你现阶段的生命目标?什么是你的热情所在?你觉得最大的难处是什么?
  • 有哪些事是你正在做来达成目标,去除拦阻的?

  • Connections

  • A good web of connections is the KEY to happiness

  • Principles of dealing with connections:
  • In family:
  • What they want is your time and attention! Put your laptop and cellphones away! Just spend time with them!
  • Love your wife, never ignore her
  • 爱,就是用心去注意她
  • 要常纪念妻子的爱与付出
  • 爱火是可以重燃的
  • Be kind/nice/patient to your wife, your children will mimic you and have the same attitude to their mom
  • If you’re rude, inpatient to your wife, then your children will be the same to their mom, and then their future spouses, this will have permanent damage!
  • 要教养你的儿女,不要缺席
  • 明白“属灵的头”的角色
  • 用生活的榜样来教导
  • 按孩子的需要来带领
  • 要花时间陪伴他们
  • Have daddy-daughter date time! Set it up as a weekly routine, just spend time together, no interruptions, this is the key to building a strong parent-child relationship!
  • In workplace:
  • 要学习与人相处共事
  • 对上司保持良好的沟通
  • 对同事保持团队的互动
  • 要选择你要相处的人群
  • 要学习去帮助别人
  • 关系就是通路
  • Questions to discuss in your small group:
  • In your personal life, what’s your most tough questions in handling connections/relationships?

  • Wealth

  • Wealth for Christians

  • Principles for Christians wealth manangement:
  • 确认神是我们一切所有的主
  • 作神忠心又有见识的管家
  • 要殷勤筹划
  • 要慷慨奉献
  • 要拜托债务
  • 储蓄与投资
  • 投资在永恒
  • 提早退休,投身服事
  • 遗产规划,让钱财被神所使用

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